Development of high energy density hybrid positive electrodes for hybrid potassium supercapacitors


With the aim of increasing the capacity and therefore the energy density of hybrid potassium supercapacitors, a low-cost technology without dependence on critical and strategic materials, a Carnot project aims to develop a hybrid positive electrode integrating a capacitive material and a faradaic material. The post-doctoral fellow will contribute, in close collaboration with the other people in the laboratory and the department, to the development of the hybrid electrode, from the material to the production of complete cells. Among the processes used, the synthesis of faradic materials, the formulation and the coating of the hybrid electrode will be studied. Subsequently, prototype cells will be manufactured and then tested to assess the capacity reached and understand the charge storage mechanism resulting from the combination of the two materials. Button cells will first be produced, then “pouch” cells, similar to commercial cells. At each stage, specific characterizations of these electrodes will be carried out. For this research and development work, most of the tests take place in the chemistry laboratories and dry rooms of the battery platform.

Doctorat matériaux, électrochimie


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