CDD - RF Components Engineer and Related Electrical Characterizations H/F

  • Nano-caractérisation avancée,
  • CDD
  • 36
  • CEA-Leti
  • Grenoble
  • BAC+5
  • 2023-06-01

The work will mainly focus on the RF (small signal) characterization of bipolar devices both electrically and physically (thermal heating); as well as on the implementation and development of new test and instrumentation methodologies, regarding particularly the aging of these transistors. The tests will be carried out mainly at wafer level. With the support of a RF characterization engineer, the candidate will be in charge of : ·       Implementation of small-signal modeling of HBT SiGe transistors from S-parameter measurements ·       Characterization and DC & small-signal modeling of bipolar transistors through dedicated test benches as well as their aging under DC stress ·       Analysis of the ageing of these transistors: impact on the DC & RF parameters (small-signal) ·       Propose physical explanations of the phenomena observed with regard to the technological processes involved ·       Analysis of HBT self-heating by various methods: DC sense, S-parameters, thermal camera, etc. ·       The development of new RF characterizations in the scope of this work ·       Regular reporting to the project teams in order to interpret the obtained results and to propose levers to improve the components ·       Ensure the stability of measurements over time and monitoring of test benches ·       The evolution of test benches and software for controlling the associated instruments (Agilent and Keysight type) The project will be carried out in close collaboration with an industrial partner. #Nano Caractérisation #Nanotechnology

The arrival of 5G and soon 6G imposes new challenges on the performance of RF devices. Depending on the applications and technological strategies, different options are being considered by our partners to meet this increasingly advanced RF need. Bipolar technology is one of them. With the increase of performance, of usage powers and of miniaturization, its co-integration with MOS transistors may be reassessed. It is therefore important to fully understand the electrical and physical behavior as well as the reliability of this technology and its applications (PA, LNA, etc.) in RF operation in order to master the new challenges of potential co-integration.

Engineer (Master/Bac+5) with a strong experience in the field of instrumentation of RF measurements on bipolar transistors or PhD (Bac +8) in radio frequencies if possible on bipolar technologies. A good knowledge of programming and data processing tools is required (Python/Matlab). Technical skills : ·       Bipolar transistor: operation and small signal modeling ·       Radiofrequency characterization: S-parameter measurements, de-embedding techniques, large-signal measurements ·       Active and passive components used in RF ·       Instrumentation for the measurement of semiconductor components ·       Control of measuring instruments (Python) ·       Fluent English required (reporting and presentations) Soft skills : ·       Autonomy ·       Rigor ·       Strength of proposal ·       Open-minded

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