Challenges in time series modelling: a study applied to blood pressure estimation from PPG data


Join us for an internship!  As an intern at CEA, you will have the opportunity to work in a world-renowned research environment. Our teams are made up of passionate and dedicated experts, providing a framework conducive to learning and collaboration. You will have access to cutting-edge equipment and top-notch research resources to carry out your missions. Job description: At LMTS lab, you will work within a team of 15 people. Our objective will be to estimate blood pressure from PPG signals. This study will focus on adapting standard machine techniques (clustering, cross-validation, modelling) for time series. Quantitative assessments will be implemented on clinical data. Here are some of the tasks in which you will participate: Comparing different cross-validation strategies for time series, based on clinical blood pressure and PPG data Evaluating the benefit of auto-regressive models vs non-temporal models for the estimation of blood pressure  Implementing a multi-model blood pressure estimation, based on clustering analysis Depending on your reporting expectations, the study may be adapted.

The LMTS Laboratory (Measuring and Processing Physiological Signals) invites you to join a creative, dynamic and passionate team, to take part in great technical challenges. By joining us, you will contribute to the development of the medical devices that will be used in the French and European industry of tomorrow.

What do we expect from you? You are preparing a Master 2 or an engineer degree. You are passionate about scientific and technological research and you are recognized for taking initiative, being methodical and your team spirit. You have knowledge of programming (Python or MATLAB) and machine learning. All our positions are open to people with disabilities. The CEA Disability Mission supports you and puts in place the necessary arrangements to meet your specific needs.

Bac+5 - Diplôme École d'ingénieurs

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