Internship Position - Implementation and validation of a hardware solution in a RISC-V H/F

  • Cybersécurité : hardware et software,
  • Stage
  • 6
  • CEA-Leti
  • Grenoble
  • BAC+5
  • 2024-02-01

As an open instruction set architecture (ISA), RISC-V offers an alternative to proprietary solutions and benefits from a very dynamic ecosystem. Several implementations on FPGA and silicon have been made. In this case, The OpenHW Group, a European consortium, supplies a whole family of 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-V cores. During the last few years, the CEA has worked on the hardware implementation of a malware detection solution for IoT and IIoT. Some hardware IPs have been developed to extract hardware signals from the RISC-V core or to implement basic Machine Learning algorithms. The subject of this internship is to implement and validate the complete hardware solution to detect malwares in the CVA6 core emulated on FPGA. In addition, the trainee will also have to identify new hardware signals to improve the detection of a malicious behavior. The candidate must have good skills in hardware design (Verilog or VHDL) and some basics in processor architecture and Machine Learning. A genuine enthusiasm for scientific research and the ability to communicate in a multidisciplinary environment will be highly appreciated.

A unique scientific, industrial and cultural environment, With its research centers, university campus, 500 foreign companies and 40000 scientists, engineers and technicians employed in the area, the Grenoble-Isère region, otherwise known as the French Silicon Valley, mixes world-class intellectual and scientific dynamism with exceptional quality of life. Located in the heart of a unique scientific, industrial and cultural environment, the CEA-LETI Institute for micro- and nanotechnology research offers researchers alike a rewarding place to work. From technologies to applications, LETI is a world leader in the creation and transfer of innovation within Europe. With 2800 patents, its intellectual property portfolio is unusually rich for a research institute. LETI's special place in the global research community is partly due to its natural surroundings in the heart of the French Alps, which offer an excellent quality of life. Leading experts who have been attracted to this natural environment have helped LETI form its mutually rewarding industrial alliances that provide students an unmatched learning experience (

Bac+5 - Diplôme École d'ingénieurs

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