Communication networks, IOT, radiofrequencies and antennas

Communication networks, IOT, radiofrequencies and antennas

Wireless communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been the most transformative technologies of the past 50 years, creating new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and the planet and holding great promise for the industrial economy and sustainability. The expansion of 5G networks has enabled the emergence of a single platform capable of delivering a variety of services, from enhanced mobile broadband communications to virtual reality, autonomous driving, and the Internet of Things.

The scientific community is already looking beyond 5G to new architectures based on innovative technologies to satisfy new needs at both the individual and societal levels. We expect that in the next decade, wireless data growth—driven by ubiquitous connectivity, new mobile applications, and pervasive artificial intelligence support for communication networks and services—will require even more new and innovative connectivity and distributed cloud solutions.

By 2030, 6G networks will support disruptive new applications and services such as holographic communications, five-sense media playback, and ambient intelligence. The widespread adoption of these innovations and the associated implementation of volumetric communications will require new network architectures that include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellites.

Groundbreaking technological innovations are also expected in the fields of millimeter-wave and sub-THz radio communications, hardware design, baseband and RF architectures, resource virtualization, antennas design, and much more.


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