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The science impulse 2022 campaign is now over

New opportunities are coming soon

Junior Investigator - 3 year fellowship - Design a Closed-loop Implantable Multi-system Sensing Device for Neurological Disease Management

Junior Investigator - 3 year fellowship - Innovate Massive Data Processing Methods to Boost the Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Characterizations at Large-scale Facilities

Junior Investigator - 3 year fellowship - Innovate for Digital Frugality with Early and Coarse Sensor Data Quantization

Junior Investigator - 3 year fellowship - Innovate New Processing Paradigms, Data Intelligence, Methodologies, and Tools for Frugal Digital

2022 CalenDAR


Have a look at the planning of the call of this year !

UNTIL may, THE 31st - 5PM CEST

Step1 - applications to be fully completed on line

until JUNE, 10th

Information to candidates pre-selected for step 2

until june, 30TH - 5PM CEST

Step 2 - Submission of proposals

July, 1st to July, 15th


JULY, the 15th

Announcement of laureates

FRom SEPT, 1st to end of the YEAR

Project Kick off


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