Meeting the technological challenges of today and tomorrow, for the benefit of industry and society.

The CEA is a major player in research, serving the State, the economy and citizens. It provides concrete solutions to their needs in four main areas: energy transition, digital transition, technologies for the medicine of the future, defense and security. As the world's most innovative research organization in 2023 (Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators), the CEA acts as a catalyst and gas pedal of innovation for French industry. It enhances the competitiveness of companies in all sectors through the creation of high-performance, differentiating products, and provides innovative solutions to shed light on changes in our society.

The CEA's Technological Research Division (DRT) is tackling 19 major technological challenges, marking its commitment to scientific progress and the development of high-performance, responsible technologies. These challenges, covering fields as varied as energy performance, medical devices, defense innovation and frugal digital technologies, reflect the CEA's ambition to respond to current societal and environmental challenges.

Through this exploration, discover how the CEA is mobilizing expertise, creativity and collaboration to build a desirable future through technology.

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