Emerging materials and processes for nanotechnologies and microelectronics

New computing paradigms, including quantum

Advanced materials and processes are essential to chip development and, more broadly, to innovation. Chips are getting smaller, the number of new applications is expanding rapidly, and—with the advent of neuromorphic and quantum—new computing paradigms are emerging, resulting in demand for new materials and the processes needed to manufacture them.

CEA is developing specific low-temperature processes to enable 3D sequential integration without damaging previously-deposited layers. New approaches are being developed for advanced lithography to enable finer features, for example, and emerging materials are being integrated for memory elements, More-than-Moore applications, sensors, and optoelectronics.

All of this research is designed to respond to the societal challenge of energy efficiency. From the sourcing of materials, to device fabrication, to the end-use of the device, energy consumption and environmental impacts should be limited to a strict minimum.

CEA is also developing advanced nanocharacterization techniques for small complex devices in synergy with this research.

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