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  • Cyber security : hardware and sofware
  • Energy efficiency for smart buildings, electrical mobility and industrial processes
  • Solar energy for energy transition
  • Green & decarbonated energy including bioprocesses and waste recycling
  • Additive manufacturing, new routes for saving materials
  • Support functions
  • Advanced hydrogen and fuel-cells solutions for energy transition
  • Instrumentation nucléaire et métrologie des rayonnements ionisants
  • Artificial Intelligence & data intelligence
  • New computing paradigms, including quantum
  • Emerging materials and processes for nanotechnologies and microelectronics
  • Advanced nano characterization
  • Photonics, Imaging and displays
  • Communication networks, IOT, radiofrequencies and antennas
  • Smart Energy grids
  • Numerical simulation & modelling
  • Stockage d'énergie électrochimique y compris les batteries pour la transition énergétique
  • Cyber physical systems - sensors and actuators
  • Health and environment technologies, medical devices
  • Factory of the future incl. robotics and non destructive testing

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Number of results : 29
  • PostDoc Optimization of a metrological approach to radionuclide identification based on spectral unmixing

    The Laboratoire national Henri Becquerel (LNE-LNHB) at CEA/Saclay is the laboratory responsible for French references in the field of ionizing radiations. For several years now, it has been involved in the development of an automatic analysis tool for low-statistics gamma spectra, based on the spectral unmixing technique. This approach makes it possible to respond to...

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  • PostDoc New Sustainable Carbon Catalysts for PEMFC

    The aim of the project is to develop and test for ORR, a mesoporous and graphitised graphene aerogel based material, presenting a hierarchical structuring allowing a better material transfer and graphitic domains increasing the durability and conductivity of the final material, and functionalised by Pt-NPs. These graphene-based structures developed at IRIG/SyMMES possess surface chemistries and...

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  • PostDoc HPC simulation of electrode mechanical properties in Li-ion batteries

    Li-ion batteries are complex multi-physics systems in which chemical reactions, transport phenomena, and mechanical deformation are strongly coupled. The battery electrodes are composed of micrometric granular materials (the microstructure) where the lithium can insert and disinsert, a process that creates internal mechanical stress and strain in the materials and subsequent volumic changes. While it is...

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  • PostDoc Batteries recycling :Development and understanding of a new deactivation concept of lithium ion domestic batteries

    Domestic lithium ion batteries gather all batteries used in electronic devices, mobile phone, and tooling applications. By 2030, the domestic lithium-ion battery market will increase up to 30%. With the new European recycling regulation and the emergency to find greener and safer recycling process, it is today necessary to develop new deactivation process of domestic...

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  • PostDoc Design of Ising Machines based on a network of spintronics oscillators copled through CMOS circuitry

    Our information and communication society is asking for always more computing tasks of increasing complexity. Their energy bargain increases quickly so that it is mandatory to find new architecture of computing processors with improved energy efficiency. The post doc applicant will contribute to the design of Ising machines which are computing architectures inspired from biology...

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  • PostDoc Postdoc in Multi-instrumented operando monitoring of Li-ion battery for ageing

    Nowadays, the development of new battery technology requires increasing the knowledge of degradation mechanisms occur inside the cell and monitor the key parameter in real time during cycling to increase the performances, lifetime and safety of the cells. To achieve these goals development of new sensing technology and integration inside and outside the cell is...

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  • PostDoc X-ray tomography reconstruction based on Deep-Learning methods

    CEA-LIST is developing the CIVA software platform, a benchmark for the simulation of non-destructive testing processes. In particular, it offers tools for X-ray and tomographic inspection which, for a given inspection, can simulate all radiographies, taking into account various associated physical phenomena, as well as the corresponding tomographic reconstruction. CEA-LIST also has an experimental platform...

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  • PostDoc Design of in-memory high-dimensional-computing system

    Conventional von Neumann architecture faces many challenges in dealing with data-intensive artificial intelligence tasks efficiently due to huge amounts of data movement between physically separated data computing and storage units. Novel computing-in-memory (CIM) architecture implements data processing and storage in the same place, and thus can be much more energy-efficient than state-of-the-art von Neumann architecture....

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  • PostDoc Application of formal methods for interferences management

    Within a multidisciplinary technological research team of experts in SW/HW co-design tools by applying formal methods, you will be involved in a national research project aiming at developing an environment to identify, analyze and reduce the interferences generated by the concurrent execution of applications on a heterogeneous commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-core hardware platform.

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  • PostDoc Next generation PV module packaging design and mechanical testing

    Photovoltaic modules are required to last 25- 30 years in harsh outdoor environment. The packaging of PV modules plays an essential role in reaching this target. PV cells are protected by a glass frontsheet, and highly engineered polymeric encapsulants and backsheets. Encapsulants provide moisture, oxygen &UV barrier, electrical isolation and mechanical protection of highly fragile...

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  • PostDoc X-ray tomography reconstruction based on analytical methods and Deep-Learning

    CEA-LIST develops the CIVA software platform, a reference for the simulation of non-destructive testing processes. In particular, it proposes tools for X-ray and tomographic inspection, which allow, for a given tomographic testing, to simulate all the radiographic projections (or sinogram) taking into account various associated physical phenomena, as well as the corresponding tomographic reconstruction. The...

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  • PostDoc Development of innovative metal contacts for 2D-material field-effect-transistors

    Further scaling of Si-based devices below 10nm gate length is becoming challenging due to the control of thin channel thickness. For gate length smaller than 10nm, sub-5nm thick Si channel is required. However, the process-induced Si consumption and the reduction of carrier mobility in ultrathin Si layer can limit the channel thickness scaling. Today, the...

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  • PostDoc Calibration of the high dose rate flash therapy beam monitor of the IRAMIS facility

    Ultra-flash beams are pulsed beams of high-energy electrons (over a hundred MeV) with pulse durations in the femto-second range. The IRAMIS facility (CEA Saclay) uses laser acceleration to produce this type of beam, with a view to their application in radiotherapy. The LNHB is in charge of establishing dosimetric traceability for the IRAMIS facility, and...

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  • PostDoc Development and application of TERS/TEPL technique for advanced characterization of materials

    TERS/TEPL (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Tip-Enhanced Photoluminescence) are powerful analytical techniques developed for nanoscale material characterization. The recent acquisition of a unique and versatile TERS/TEPL equipment at PFNC (Nano-characterization Platform) of CEA LETI opens up new horizons for materials characterization. This tool combines Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence, and scanning probe microscopy. It features multi-wavelength capabilities (from...

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  • PostDoc Development of piezoelectric resonators for power conversion

    CEA-Leti has been working to improve energy conversion technologies for over 10 years. Our research focuses on designing more efficient and compact converters by leveraging GaN-based transistors, thereby setting new standards in terms of ultra-fast switching and energy loss reduction. In the pursuit of continuous innovation, we are exploring innovative paths, including the integration of...

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  • PostDoc Modeling of charge noise in spin qubits

    Thanks to strong partnerships between several research institutes, Grenoble is a pioneer in the development of future technologies based on spin qubits using manufacturing processes identical to those used in the silicon microelectronics industry. The spin of a qubit is often manipulated with alternating electrical (AC) signals through various spin-orbit coupling (SOC) mechanisms that couple...

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  • PostDoc Contribution to the metrological traceability of emerging alpha-emitting radiopharmaceuticals in the framework of the european AlphaMet project (Metrology for Emerging Targeted Alpha Therapies)

    The Laboratoire national Henri Becquerel (LNE-LNHB) at CEA/Saclay is the laboratory responsible for the french references in the field of ionizing radiation. The LNHB is involved in the european EPM AlphaMet (Metrology for Emerging Targeted Alpha Therapies) submitted under the Metrology support for Health call (2022) to provide metrological support for clinical and preclinical studies;...

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  • PostDoc Detection of traces of narcotics in saliva by electrochemiluminescence on diamond electrodes

    The consumption of narcotics is becoming a problem for road safety because 23% of road deaths in France occur in an accident involving at least one driver who tested positive. Thus, one objective of road safety in consultation with the concerned ministries (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economy)...

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  • PostDoc High entropy alloys determination (predictive thermodynamics and Machine learning) and their fast elaboration by Spark Plasma Sintering

    The proposed work aims to create an integrated system combining a computational thermodynamic algorithm (CALPHAD-type (calculation of phase diagrams)) with a multi-objective algorithm (genetic, Gaussian or other) together with data mining techniques in order to select and optimize compositions of High entropy alloys in a 6-element system: Fe-Ni-Co-Cr-Al-Mo. Associated with computational methods, fast fabrication and...

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  • PostDoc Development of Algorithms for the Detection and Quantification of Biomarkers from Voltammograms

    The objective of the post-doctoral research is to develop a high-performance algorithmic and software solution for the detection and quantification of biomarkers of interest from voltammograms. These voltammograms are one-dimensional signals obtained from innovative electrochemical sensors. The study will be carried out in close collaboration with another laboratory at CEA-LIST, the LIST/DIN/SIMRI/LCIM, which will provide...

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  • PostDoc Development of a new spectrometer for the characterization of the radionuclide-based neutron sources

    Since few years, the LNHB is developing a new instrument dedicated to the neutron spectrometry, called AQUASPEC. The experimental device consists of a polyethylene container that is equipped with a central channel accommodating the source and 12-measurement channels (in a spiral formation) around the source, into which detectors can be placed. The container is filled...

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  • PostDoc Instrumental development on the Jeol NeoARM TEM for rapid and low-dose mapping of EELS and strain fields

    The primary objective of our Post-Doctoral Researcher position is to focus on instrumental development for the NeoARM 200F. Collaborating closely with a research software engineer already familiar with TEM automation, the team will be tasked with the automation of alignment, interface, and data stream processing for the filter and various detectors to enable cutting-edge and...

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  • PostDoc LLMs hybridation for requirements engineering

    Developing physical or digital systems is a complex process involving both technical and human challenges. The first step is to give shape to ideas by drafting specifications for the system to be. Usually written in natural language by business analysts, these documents are the cornerstones that bind all stakeholders together for the duration of the...

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  • PostDoc Development of an Incremental ANNs for efficient adaptive neuroprosthetics

    Nearly 746,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury each year, resulting in impairment or even complete loss of motor functions. Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) translate brain neural signals into commands to external effectors, giving patients control over orthoses, prostheses, or even their own limbs through electrical stimulation. The project aims to develop an adaptive real-time decoding...

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  • PostDoc Co-design strategy (SW/HW) to enable a structured spatio-temporal sparsity for NN inference/learning

    The goal of the project is to identify, analyze and evaluate mechanisms for modulating the spatio-temporal sparsity of activation functions in order to minimize the computational load of transformer NN model (learning/inference). A combined approach with extreme quantization will also be considered. The aim is to jointly refine an innovative strategy to assess the impacts...

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  • PostDoc Design and fabrication of magnetic cores having permeability gradient using additive manufacturing

    As a major technological research institute, the CEA-Liten plays a decisive role in the development of future technologies for the energy transition and the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions. The laboratory develops magnetic components working at high frequency (gt; 100 kHz) for an integration in compact power electronics converters. Today, the discrete magnetic components are...

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  • PostDoc Microfluidic biocatalysis

    The overall objective of the project is to propose a new mode of biocatalytic production based on continuous flow and combining macro and micro-fluidics. The aim is to develop a biocatalysis process involving fluidic bioreactors capable of ensuring continuous biotransformation, thanks to immobilized enzymes or whole cell catalysts. This process will be optimized to improve...

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  • PostDoc Development of noise-based artifical intellgence approaches

    Current approaches to AI are largely based on extensive vector-matrix multiplication. In this postdoctoral project we would like to pose the question, what comes next? Specifically we would like to study whether (stochastic) noise could be the computational primitive that the a new generation of AI is built upon. This question will be answered in...

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  • PostDoc Generative AI for model driven engineering

    Generative AI and large language models (LLMs), such as Copilot and ChatGPT can complete code based on initial fragments written by a developer. They are integrated in software development environments such as VS code. Many papers analyse the advantages and limitations of these approaches for code generation. Besides some deficiencies, the produced code is often...

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