Advanced nano characterization

Advanced nano characterization

CEA and its partners work on a very wide array of technologies. Whether it’s quantum computing, imagers for virtual reality, phase change memory, additive manufacturing materials, catalysts, batteries, or fuel cells, innovative approaches are needed to characterize the new materials and device architectures being developed.

Accurate knowledge of the structure and composition of a device is essential to understanding how it works and how it can be improved. When it comes to complex heterogeneous 3D materials—key to new technologies for energy—multiscale, multidimensional characterization is vital.

Nanocharacterization plays a major role in the R&D process at CEA and is essential to accelerating technological developments. CEA research in this area responds to today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for new nanocharacterization techniques for emerging needs.

Some of the current challenges include the need for high spatial resolution 3-D analysis due to increasingly complex architectures, the use of non-invasive methods for fragile materials, and the study of material behavior in conditions as close as possible to real operating conditions.

The generation of large volumes of data and the correlation of many techniques on the same sample also requires advanced data acquisition, management, and processing strategies to be developed.

The comparison of experimental data with simulations for data interpretation is increasingly important, as is the ability to supply key information to support modelling activities.

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