Cyber physical systems - sensors and actuators

Cyber physical systems - sensors and actuators

Cyber physical systems (CPS) combine secure electronic and software functions to capture, process, transmit, interpret, and retroact to data.
They can give systems like cars, planes, trains, tractors, medical devices, and even entire energy grids the ability to continuously analyze their own states and their environments, so that they can improve their performance–much as humans do with their senses, nervous systems, brains, and limbs.

Until recently, most electronic subsystems were developed to operate independently of each other. Increasingly pervasive digital technology has made it possible to continuously control connectivity and interactions within systems themselves and between systems and their environment–whether that’s human, physical (infrastructures, machines, etc.), or digital.

Research in the field of CPS focuses on deterministic computing, interaction between continuous and discrete systems, autonomy, and connectivity, and involves integrating microcomponents, electronics, and software.

CEA is one of the few research organizations capable of conducting this kind of multidisciplinary research, which, with applications in major industries like automotive, robotics, advanced manufacturing, and health, has the potential to impact the lives of all citizens.


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