INP-Phelma students visit the CEA

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Grenoble INP Phelma students discover CEA's DRT facilities

On Thursday November 23, students from two graduating classes of the École Grenoble INP PhelmaFAMES" and "AMIS", had the opportunity to visit the facilities of CEA's Technological Research Division (DRT) in Grenoble. An enriching experience for these future engineers, the research projects underway in our laboratories.

The day began with a brief presentation of the CEA, highlighting the organization's commitment to cutting-edge technological research and its impact on various fields. The students were then guided through the clean rooms of the CEA-Letiwhere precision and cutting-edge technology are the order of the day. This immersion in the controlled environment of cleanrooms enabled the students to understand the importance of strict standards in technological research.

The next step took them to the powder metallurgy platform of the CEA-Liten, a unique perspective on manufacturing and eco-design processes. Students were able to observe the crucial stages in the development of advanced materials, underlining the constant expertise and innovation deployed by CEA's DRT.

The visit concluded with an immersion in our showroom. This was an opportunity for students to talk with researchers and experts, broadening their understanding of the concrete applications of technological research in the real world.

Building on this first successful experience, a new round of visits is already scheduled for February 5, 2024.

It will enable students to discover more state-of-the-art facilities, immerse themselves in innovative projects and strengthen their links with the exciting world of technological research.

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