Webinar - Work-study program in technology research at CEA

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Did you know that the CEA trains over 1,000 work-study students every year, including more than 200 in the exciting field of technological research?

If you're a student looking to combine theory and practice by joining our scientific teams, don't miss our webinar dedicated to work-study opportunities at CEA. You'll discover the opportunities available to you, the steps to apply and land your work-study position, and inspiring testimonials from former work-study students.

This webinar will also be an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of our working environment, and to project yourself into the innovative projects you could be carrying out alongside us, in the service of industry and society.


Why not take a look behind the scenes of the CEA's work-study program and join us?

Webinar replay - Work-study program at the CEA for technology research

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