A rewarding afternoon with future engineers from Grenoble INP - Ense3

INP Ense3 student visit

Grenoble, April 4, 2024 - The CEA's Technological Research Division (DRT) welcomed ENSE3 students for an immersive day, revealing what goes on behind the scenes of innovation and technological research.

Immersion in the world of DRT at CEA

Les étudiants ont eu l’opportunité de plonger dans l’écosystème unique de la DRT à travers une série d’activités conçues pour inspirer et informer :

  1. In-depth discovery: A presentation that provided an overview of the organization's mission, challenges and commitment to research and technological development.
  2. Innovation in motion: A visit to the showroom enabled students to discover DRT's most emblematic projects, illustrating industrial transfer and the impact of research on industry and society.
  3. Exploration spécialisée Students chose between visiting the Battery or Modeling platforms, gaining valuable insights into the technologies that will define the future of electric mobility.


Testimonies that leave their mark

The day was enriched by the testimonies of an expert and a work-study student from the CEA-Litenoffering a real perspective on careers at the CEA.

These exchanges enabled students to ask questions and get genuine answers about opportunities within the organization.

Interaction et Feedback

The highlight of the day was an interactive feedback session via Klaxoon, followed by a snack. This interaction encouraged participants to share their impressions and suggestions, contributing to the continuous improvement of CEA's initiatives.

Measurable impact

With an average score of 4.4/5 awarded by participants, the day clearly had a positive impact, enlightening students about the reality of the industry and motivating the next generation of engineers.

This open day not only strengthened the link between CEA DRT and future engineers, but also demonstrated the importance of interaction between educational institutions and research centers in inspiring and engaging young talent in the technological challenges of tomorrow.

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