Ultra-compact electronic actuation of micro-UAVs


Reducing the size of electronic systems for micro-drones is crucial for decreasing their weight, extending their battery life, and enhancing their maneuverability. This doctoral project aims to explore innovative solutions for energy management in integrated circuits designed for high-voltage actuation of micro-motors for very small drones (weighing about one gram and measuring a few mm³). The project encompasses micromechanics, the use of new small batteries developed by CEA-Leti, and the application of advanced microelectronic technologies. Through a collaboration between Gaël Pillonnet (CEA) and Patrick Mercier (University of California, San Diego - UCSD), you will benefit from a research environment at the forefront of technology, focused on the design of integrated circuits, and more specifically, on power management circuits (Power Management IC, PMIC). This work offers an exciting applicative dimension, with the integration of the circuit and batteries into an ultra-compact assembly intended for the activation of micro-motors. By joining our team, you will contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies that will have a significant impact on the micro-drone sector.


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