X-ray attacks of advanced technology integrated circuits


The CESTI laboratory in Grenoble is responsible for the safety evaluation of products (commercial or prototype). or prototypes). A wide range of tests can be carried out as part of these evaluations, including those designed to observe the targetapos;s behavior when faults are injected into integrated circuits. Fault injection consists of perturbing the system by various means in order to obtain different behaviours than those and thus potentially bypass security countermeasures. CESTI is constantly on the lookout for new avenues of attack, including X-ray attacks, for which CESTI has developed a number of new techniques. attacks, for which CESTI has been a forerunner. The laboratory has successfully demonstrated the possibility of X-ray attacks by modifying memory cells or single transistors with a nano-focused beam. In order to make further progress on realistic attacks and develop them on the latest-generation generation components, this thesis will explore the intrinsic limits, potential applications and physical effects associated with these ionizing radiation disturbances. The thesis will include an experimental paassociated with these ionizing radiation disturbances. The thesis will include an experimental part, using the ESRF beam or reducing the power of the of the attacker using a laboratory X-ray generator, to attack various types of components, and it will also also include a more theoretical part with simulation to understand the physical effects, in collaboration with effects in collaboration with ONERA, and an a analysis of possible new attack paths with these X-ray beams. beams. The aim of the thesis will be to obtain a real attack on recent components, reducing the attackerapos;s power to a minimum, and to identify as exhaustively as possible the threat that could be posed by the X-ray beams. power of the attacker, as well as to define as exhaustively as possible the potential threat ionizing beam attacks. An opening to other fields such as failure analysis, hardening of hardening of circuits for space applications.


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