Characterization and design of radiation-hardened HfO2-based non-volatile memories


This project concerns the characterization and design of radiation-hardened non-volatile memory circuits based on HfO2 material. This material is immune to both natural (space) and artificial (man-made) radiation, and can be used to enhance the reliability of data storage in harsh environments. Whatapos;s more, when combined with FD-SOI CMOS technology, which also offers a certain degree of immunity to radiation effects, it is possible to implement highly robust memory circuits without complicating the periphery circuit, which is the most sensitive element. This thesis will study ReRAM and FeRAM memories, which are promising in terms of performance, energy efficiency and scalability, and could eventually replace conventional Flash and EEPROM memories. One or more testchips are envisaged to implement new robust design techniques and benchmark against existing solutions.

M2 Electronique/Micro-nanoélectronique

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