Study of innovative MOS gate stack for energy efficient SiC power transistors.


Silicon carbide (SiC) components represent the future of power electronics, surpassing silicon technologies in terms of temperature tolerance and power handling capability. At the heart of this evolution, CEA Leti plays a key role in the development of these new generation components, essential for applications such as electric vehicles, charging systems or photovoltaic installations. Our teams provide support to major manufacturers European countries by establishing pilot production lines for GaN and SiC components, as well as by developing SiC substrates with our industrial partners This thesis aims to develop innovative technological approaches for the design of SiC MOS transistor gates and to evaluate their environmental impact to inform our technological choices. You will deepen the understanding of the physics of SiC MOSFETs by examining different gate architectures. and in identifying the physical processes that restrict electron mobility in a SiC MOS channel. Questions such as the influence of stress on mobility and the possibility of separating carrier mobility from threshold voltage will be at the heart of your research.

Physique et ingénierie des matériaux pour la microélectronique


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