Quantum Cascade III-V/Si laser micro-sources


This thesis project focuses on the development of innovative micro-laser sources by combining III-V Quantum Cascade materials with Silicon Photonic Crystals. By integrating these advanced technologies, we aim to create hybrid lasers emitting in the middle infrared. This approach has significant advantages for medium-infrared spectrometry (MIR), a crucial technique for the chemical detection of gaseous, solid and liquid compounds. The CEA-LETI Optical Sensor Laboratory offers a state-of-the-art research environment, where the candidate will have the opportunity to design, model, manufacture and characterize these devices. This thesis is part of a competitive but promising context, where technological advances could open new perspectives in areas such as quot;well-being and the environmentquot;. For Master 2 students who are passionate about photonics and emerging technologies, this research offers an opportunity to actively contribute to innovation in a growing field.

Master 2 interaction lumière matière, physique du solide, photonique, optoélectronique

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