Hollow microneedles and capillary microfluidics system for InterSitial Fluid (ISF) monitoring


At CEA-Leti, our team develops structures, biomaterials and sensors to interface with living organisms. Hydrogels and polymeric biomaterials are synthesized, formulated and shaped (printed films, fibers, nanoparticles and microneedles) according to the intended application. These materials can be combined with electrochemical sensors to build functional systems. Interstitial fluid is the fluid that occupies the space between blood capillaries and cells. It is in this fluid that cells draw their nourishment and oxygen, and facilitate the exchange of nutrients and waste products. ISF consists mainly of water, salts, sugars, hormones, neurotransmitters, CO2 and fatty acids. It is particularly interesting as it is described as a filtrate of plasma, but more accessible than plasma for continuous monitoring. The aim of this thesis is to develop a wearable device for ISF sampling, that co-integrates biocompatible or even resorbable hollow microneedles (MNs) and a capillary microfluidic section. Eventually, this type of system will be combinable with various types of fluidic output sensors. This thesis includes three main challenges: the management of very low flow rates in passive microfluidics (below µL/min) the manufacturing process for resorbable hollow microneedles, with fine management of the surface condition of the inside of the channel (to promote capillarity), the evaluation and improvement of the system in terms of eco-circularity.

Within CEA-Leti, the Department of Technologies for Health Innovation operates in the field of microtechnologies to adress societal challenges in biology and healthcare, with a 'One health' approach that considers the interconnected domains of human, animal and environmental health.

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