Qubit conditioning circuit based on Single Electron Transistor electronics

A new research direction has emerged that consists in the design of cryogenics integrated circuits (cryo-CMOS) to address the needs of many scientific experiments in astronomy, in physics of particles or in quantum physics. Nevertheless, the power consumption of such solutions is still high and prevent their use in applications that necessitate the conditioning of large number of devices. The proposed PhD position intends to explore an alternative path by using Single Electron Transistor (SET) ifor the design of ultra-low noise, ultra-low power consumption conditioning electronics. Indeed, SETs have quantized behaviour at cryogenics temperature that could help in reaching noise and power consumption optimum. As applied case, this thesis aims at providing a conditioning electronics dedicated to silicon qubit in the frame of quantum computing project. The applicant should have very good knowledge of both semiconductor and quantum physics. Good understanding of analog electronics and signal processing is required as well. The applicant should be creative and should have a strong taste for experiments. Last, the applicant should have good modelling skills and a good knowledge of associated computing language (Pyhton)

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